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Are you a leader striving for better and smarter? Consider this…

Organisations invest in multiple ways for staff to get work done. Yet the people who have significant leverage on performance, the managers, are left without any appropriate technology to manage work success better. 

Our game-changing and ground-breaking approach allows for better work achievement and performance through leadership actions and involvement. 

Our SUPER SAVINGS is a rewarding financial solution. Everyone benefits from the extra purchase value on prime products, worth up to 15%.

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*sparkfolios fuels the nitty-gritty of repeat success…

Tools, technology and techniques translating your strategic drive by continuously powering work execution, human motivation and leadership leverage. The methods integrate your expectations, instructions, processes, actions, monitoring, motivation, communication, talking-points, coaching, incentives, rewards, recognition, reviews etc. Saving time and money with innovate solutions.

Bringing out the best in others

Our manager and staff performance solutions include elements of target setting, follow-up, agenda setting, encouragement, feedback, prompting, rating, personal bests, rewards, recognition, praise, milestones etc. From the basic to the very complex. More to Explore…

Focussed on effective processes

Need work delivery in line with strategy? Our robust cloud-based process framework provides task execution connecting with goals while maintaining inspiration, motivation, and recognition

Teams and Collaboration

The Tools are not just for individuals. Together with the techniques, they provide time-saving ways to motivate teams and groups of employees to do the work, succeeding with business collaboration.

A gamification framework.

All our Tools allow for activation of points, badges, milestones, gaming etc based on points and the relative importance of events in business processes. 

Instant Rapid Rewards

Our efficient modern digital system delivers rewards payments, incentives and vouchers from our digital catalogue on time, preventing the disappointment from a timing mismatch


Poor Performance

No approach for success, peak performance and target achievement can function without also managing poor performance. Our compliant yet common sense Tools addresses concerns and work failures.


Comprehensive Leadership Toolkit

Get the most out of your people while also celebrating their successes with modern tools, leading your teams towards repeat success while saving you time, money and effort. Recognition, goal achievement, instant rewards, nominations, work priorities, networking are just some of the basic functions we offer.

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Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Not only do we have versatile tools but you can work with our team of professionals for consulting, advisory and administration services. With our experience across industries, structural problems we have practical solutions you may find appropriate. New innovative designs or disciplined execution? Speak to us.

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Hearts and Minds

As a manager you know that even the best laid plans quickly can go south if you do not have your team fully involved in chasing your targets and goals. Our approach seamlessly integrates work priorities with your motivational and inspirational leadership activities.

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