Modern tools & technology for repeat work success

Lead & succeed. Get things done & execute strategy. Achieve goals & meet expectations. Improve & perform. Engage with work & people. Inspire & motivate.

*sparkfolios is a comprehensive


business success management system for the digital era…

…repeatedly achieve better outcomes with our integrated and scalable portfolio of workplace technology, tools and techniques. 


Managers magnify success

SuccessLeader is a complete suite of manager tools

  Equip managers at all levels with modern tools to solve problems, set goals, plan, delegate, recognise performance, rate results, reward success and resolve performance concerns.

Processes deliver efficient success

Improve day-to-day operations with ProcessTools

Choose from the blueprint range of workflow and process tools, to best-fit the purpose, best-fit the day-today requirements. 

Success deserve rewards

Flexible & prompt performance pay with SuccessRewards

 A modern, fast, device neutral, complete reward payment system for all roles, incentives and circumstances. And with discounted vouchers.

Drivers of sales success

Sales Incentive Campaigns

Increase sales, focus on customers, strengthen your team  

Recognition creates repeat success

Employee Engagement and Recognition

Improve staff motivation and morale with recognition or bonus schemes.

Engineered success habits

Consulting & professional services

Professional problem discovery, engineered design of solutions and delivery of programmes

Equip & empower your organisation to achieve more with more, not less

The *sparkfolios technology enables you to do what was impossible before, doing more with more – without wasting money, wasting time and wasting effort. 


achieve more business success, strategic focus, result improvements, process excellence, employee satisfaction & talent retention.


with more best practice work success solutions, proven technology, modern tools and human behaviour techniques

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