Repeat work success - the modern tried and tested way

*sparkfolios makes the achievement of repeat success a reality. Whether you are a manager of a team of people or a leader with many teams you need a robust yet dynamic approach to constantly stay ahead.

I am looking for tried & tested ways to motivate my staff to perform better

As you know, we live in a world with diverse people and the solution to this problem is not simple nor obvious. We have meaningful ways to engage with staff to remaining involved with the issues at hand.

“We need help to automate the right, not the wrong, tasks and processes.”

Automation leads to increased productivity, effectiveness and cost savings. But what if the expected results do not arrive since the wrong processes were automated or people have become too far removed to stay engaged with the issues at hand.


Individual & Team Motivation

We make sure that not only are your employees motivated to do the work, but also their managers are focussed on business success.

Bespoke software development

If you need to solve a very specific business problems, our developers can deploy your solutions in a very cost effective manner. More to Explore…

Designing Innovative performance rewards

Implementing effective business processes

Managing self-funding incentive programmes

Creating complex scenario models

Harvesting broader results from real internal best practices

Tweaking powerful marginal and incremental gains

Improving lifetime customer margins

Designing Efficient Business Processes

Delivering modern performance recognition practices

Right now we want both managers and staff to deliver on their immediate commitments

Before you know it, goals are missed since staff do not focus on work completion, and the desired results do not appear. Speak to us on the management of work focus, staying on message, delivering performance, making sure managers make things happen. 

Show me a system that supports both work completion and people motivation

Yes, we have a beautiful people supporting cloud-based solution. Our approach and system are to continually balance controlled work requirements with the desire of staff for a purpose, recognition of mastery and a level of independence.

Consulting & Advisory Services

We offer new ideas, best practices, professional investigations and dynamic designs on incentives, rewards and recognition.

Focussed Work Execution

Tracking task accountability is connected with goals, values, and strategy concurrently with inspiration, motivation, and recognition

Online tools to manage KPI, KRA, BSC, WiGS, etc.

Goal Tracking Series

To-Do-List, Leads, Shared task, RACI etc

Work and Task flow Series

Points earned by making targets, completing work, showing company values

Points Solutions

Need to announce rewards, pay rewards, motivate for Rewards? Look no further

Rewards Series

Ideally suited for Sales Competitions, Short Term Incentives, Share Schemes etc

Incentive Management Solutions

Record and communicate unhappiness about poor work, missing standards, not following procedure, etc

Poor Performance Series

Allowing your performers to be independent, and promoting the success perception conversation.

Self Reflection Modules

Ignite the power of recognition, for individuals, teams, groups, peers and colleagues


Peer Recognition Range

Need performers to be nominated, but hate the administration - we have what you need.


Nomination Administration Sets

Need to score and rate work, keep a record and inform others? - look no further

Ratings Series

Why can’t my managers get the best results from their teams

Often the cause is simply that the team leaders want things to be done their way, ignoring the difference in people’s motivation drivers. Let us support you in your drive to make sure your managers are supported to get the best out of their teams.

We cannot afford either an expensive product or big capital outlay

Well understood. Yes we can assist since not only is our service fairly priced but with our bundle Timeless Essentials you get more than what you would normally get.


Poor Performance & Failure

No approach for success, peak performance and target achievement can function without also managing poor performance.

Reward Fullfilment Services

Our efficient modern digital system making sure rewards, vouchers from our catalogue and incentives are delivered on time.

"The dynamic scenario modelling outputs helped us make better decisions."

concluded by a Financial Manager

"I did not think it was possible, not only has the performance nominations increased, but now the quality is a different world."

During an email exchange in Oct 2016 a HR Executive typed

"I still cannot believe the positive impact from your proposed processes."

remarked by an Incentive Manager during June 2012

Data mining & analysis

Supporting your decision-making by inspecting, cleaning and modeling your data to uncover useful patterns and trends.

Cloud based performance platform

Our platform allows for the management of goals, tasks, scorecards, activities, recognition, rewards, poor performance

Incentives & Recognition

We conceptualise, design, manage, administer and promote dynamic, self-funding programmes so you can achieve your goals.

"The way the system use actual positive reinforcement boosts my sales team's confidence."

Said by a Sales Manager during November 2016

"The inspiration from Breakthroughs sold the service for me."

emailed to us in February 2016 by a Marketing manager

"... using the annual upfront discount makes our investment even more affordable."

mentioned during December 2015 fee discussions by Business Unit leader

Comprehensive Leadership Toolkit

Get the most out of your people while also celebrating their successes with modern tools, leading your teams towards repeat success while saving you time, money and effort. Recognition, goal achievement, instant rewards, nominations, work priorities, networking are just some of the basic functions we offer.

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Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Not only do we have versatile tools but you can work with our team of professionals for consulting, advisory and administration services. With our experience across industries, structural problems we have practical solutions you may find appropriate. New innovative designs or disciplined execution? Speak to us.

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Hearts and Minds

As a manager you know that even the best laid plans quickly can go south if you do not have your team fully involved in chasing your targets and goals. Our approach seamlessly integrates work priorities with your motivational and inspirational leadership activities.

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