Above top standard

Recognition & praise fall short of expectations

During 2017 our client started to experience a drop off in staff engagement with their strategic business goals.  An external anonymous survey was commissioned to understand the leading cause for this loss of focus. The staff scored the business well below benchmarks. Simply put  – the finding was that majority of staff felt they were not recognised for their contribution to the company performance. (It sounds like “My boss does not care about me”, doesn’t it?)


County participation


Multiple engagement

Active modules

Authentic online automation

To make sure managers are reminded of the value of positive reinforcement an online prompting solution was introduced. Managers know they should recognise, but often they just forget, wouldn’t you agree?

Solved, across borders.

Sparkfolios co-designed and delivered a solution which was rolled-out across four countries. All recognition however had to be in context of the Group’s business values. Corporate value trending is now tracked.  

Team & individual praise.

Don’t people experience a stronger sense of achievement in a group context? Not only does the solution focus on individuals, we extended the recognition for today’s work life of agile teams. Better collaboration across functions occurs.

Repeat success in action…

The solution was to bring all formal and informal recognition programmes together. We even added Work Selfies. Then integrated into some of the programmes we added small competitions with instant rewards as part of the collective success stories. Comprehensive self-service insight reporting enables managers to self correct when needed. After 9 months the survey was done again – the business now exceeded the world-class bench mark by 12%.

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