Advisory: Leadership Coaching, Mentoring and Reflection

We act as confidential & independent performance sounding boards for executives and senior leaders

ResultIgniting the energy of everyday stress

Being at the top is a lonely job, yet it comes with huge responsibiliies. And yes most leaders got their by their own instinct, drive, expertise and know-how. But sometimes, just sometimes the issues can become overwhelming, often just because of their sheer complexity and yes you have a team following your lead. But ever so often you need a real independent view, not just from those who depend on you on the their career progress. Contact us for confidential “thoughts in and outside the box”, or “under the box”  or “inside somebody elses box”if it so requires.

Blue Leader

(Your focus with followers)

We assist top and middle management leaders to prioritise their focus, repeatedly leading great teams towards profitable success. Our methods and habits steers towards clarity of purpose and the focus it requires for a better life balance. Our approach defines your unique approach to achieving clear business goals drawing on your life experiences in a mindful and aware manner. More to Explore…

Green Teams

(A Leader of People)

Since we are working with friendlies, your people, we ignore the inbox, wipe the table clean and focus on what it means to lead and collaborate with managers who are in turn managers of people. The advisory focus is on consciously igniting the performance triggers of your teams, removing your obstacles preventing you from removing their obstacles. (Yes you need to – since the problem sits in their blind spot). Put another way – we look at your problems from your people’s perspective.

Red Team

(The competition’s reaction)

Defined loosely, red teaming is the practice of viewing a problem from an adversary or competitor’s perspective. It may just be that your people are doing their level best, but a competitor has discovered a gap in your plans. The goal of most red teams is to enhance decision making, either by specifying the adversary’s preferences and strategies or by simply acting as a devil’s advocate. When we follow this technique the attempt is to make all your plans, processes, strategies, etc. even more robust than they currently are – enhancing the probability of repeat successMore to Explore…