Organisation: it means all performance achievements are recognised immediately and communicated per individual person, effectively leading to better performance discussions.

HR managers: it means recognition and praise forms an integral part of talent management and having performance evidence recorded in one place.Executives: it means having a easy motivational system working in real life across the organisation supported by effectiveness reporting.

Employees: it means freedom to recognise their own success as well as having a full record of achievements across the organisation, in one place.

Middle Managers: it means freedom to motivate and inspire since administration is done by the incentive beneficiary, less admin red tape.
Middle Managers: it means achievements of team members are promptly reported from the collection across all performance management systems, in one place.
Middle Managers: it means have the full history of all achievements of every employee at hand, all the time
Middle Managers: it means having the opportunity to run their own incentive programmes in their own team, branch or divisions – still fitting within the bigger picture

Administrators: it means having a standard awareness and communication system to feed all achievement results through.

Incentive designers: it means freedom to spend time on design, less on implementation.

Financial managers: it means reduction in incentive launch, implementation, operational and management costs.