To bring out the best in others, managers have to apply 90% intent

A study done by DDI and Harris Interactive found that 98% of employees who have good leaders are motivated to do their best, while only 11% of employees with ineffective managers felt motivated to give their best. Being able to bring out the best in others is a skill that involves just 10% natural inclination; the other 90% has to be deliberate, says Wellins: “ #TOOLS Not only does our Tools  enable managers to do this, but it also prompts them.

Gallup research shows the positive impact of leader recognition

What’s most surprising about these findings? Nearly one-quarter said the most memorable recognition comes from a high-level leader or CEO. Employees will remember personal feedback from the CEO — even a small amount of time a high-ranking leader takes to show appreciation can yield a positive impression on an employee. #TOOLS  Our Tools  include top-level leaders involvement.