Our approach
No matter whether you adopt our approach of addressing all five aspects of business success or just need our help with one area, communication will always be a part of whatever we help you to achieve.

Why communicate?
Communication is the golden thread that holds everything together.  It keeps everyone on the same page, working towards the same goals, your goals.  It facilitates recognition, employee satisfaction and so much more.  Without it, your company will be filled with islands, working on what they think is important.

How to communicate
There are many ways in which to communicate: face-to-face, by e-mail, letter and so on.  There are also different methods.  One might take a ‘speak when spoken to’ approach, while another might actively seek out the individuals with whom they need to converse.  Communication happens to be something we’re really good at, at *sparkfolios, and we understand that different people like to be communicated with, and like to communicate, in different ways, so we use e-mail, sms, telephone, and our platform.  We also believe in push communication.  This means we don’t just wait for you to log in to receive an important message.  If it’s relevant for you, we make sure you get it by using other channels to get the message to you, as quickly as possible.

How we can help…
The *sparkfolios platform has a number of features that communicate historic information, real-time information, results, achievements, recognition and more.  These are built in to our platform and support all of our modules, so communication is not a separate module, but we do have some innovative features that supplement specific modules, as well as tools that assist you in general.