Designing Innovative performance rewards

Implementing effective business processes

Managing self-funding incentive programmes

Creating complex scenario models

Harvesting broader results from real internal best practices

Tweaking powerful marginal and incremental gains

Improving lifetime customer margins

Designing Efficient Business Processes

Delivering modern performance recognition practices

Performance Consulting Services to ignite the results you require

Performance Metrics

Not only do we work on individual and corporate KPI’s, KRA’s, Scorecards etc. but we also consider team versions & time horizons

Incentive Design

While we have a structured approach to design incentive programme, our solutions aim to ignite the energy of the people in your team. Whether it is private or public recognition, short-term or long-term, we have options for you to consider.

Independent Reviews

You may already have programmes and campaigns in place and all you need from us is to give independent comment.

Innovative Remuneration

Often the need is to change the way remuneration is offered and paid

Statistical Analysis

We review the data provided and find the performance patterns you need

Insightful Surveys

Often the data we need is not available so we survey people to get what is needed

Conceptual Options

Based on the problem statement and diagnostics we offer conceptual alternatives for evaluation

Practical Solutions

From ideas to guides to workflows the final collaborative solution must pass the test on practicality