Customised Client Modules

Integrate your existing Performance Monitoring Systems with *sparkfolios

We respect your own programmes, campaigns, strategic methodologies, skill management, variable compensation plans etc. *sparkfolios is designed to integrate with your computer or manual systems, either dynamically or with batch uploads. Neither does it matter which strategic model you follow e.g. Balance Score Card, McKinsey Matrix, LEAN, Value Chain etc.

Whether it is your less frequent formal performance ratings, short term incentive bonus, customer service excellence drive, progress in KPI’s, daily sales competition, sporadic informal nomination programme – every single personal achievements from all systems can be extracted and published. Whether your system is managed centrally, per division, business unit or even just for one team or a branch.

If you currently do not have performance management systems, you can use ours. Even if you change methodologies, software, business units, merge etc *sparkfolios adjusts, also easily uploading any relevant historical information