The Impact Powerpack comprehensively equips managers to both lead and manage better.

These tools allow managers to manage and lead diverse teams, bringing out the best from people and getting the best work done. The powerpack can be best-fit for each and every organisation.

Set & track goals

All you need to do for some staff members are to set them a goal and then the work gets done. Or maybe your formal goals for the year.  More to Explore…


Manage tasks effectively

Sometimes all that is needed is a simple recorded instruction for an important task or tasks and then the work gets done properly.   

Real-time recognition of everyone

Some, maybe all, people need regular affirmation by their managers of past achievements, either as an individual or as a team, or across teams

Online discussions about progress and success

“Success breeds success”. Managers can easily share achievements and endorse progress throughout the organisation

Instantly rate work outcome

Your organisation may already have a formal process but nothing beats immediate feedback as a morale booster or rapidly fixing performance perceptions.


Inspire & motivate

Managers can easily integrate their general inspiration and motivation style with the digital option, emoji style and all. It is just a tap away. 

Rapidly reward success

 Where implemented, business rules allow managers to pay immediate rewards for peak performance, with the rewards immediately available to staff.

Online tools to manage KPI, KRA, BSC, WiGS, etc.

To-Do-List, Leads, Shared task, RACI etc

Points earned by making targets, completing work, showing company values

Need to announce rewards, pay rewards, motivate for Rewards? Look no further

Ideally suited for Sales Competitions, Short Term Incentives, Share Schemes etc

Record and communicate unhappiness about poor work, missing standards, not following procedure, etc

Allowing your performers to be independent, and promoting the success perception conversation.

Ignite the power of recognition, for individuals, teams, groups, peers and colleagues


Need performers to be nominated, but hate the administration - we have what you need.


Need to score and rate work, keep a record and inform others? - look no further


Room for improvement

When work is not on standard or improper behaviour occurs, managers can formalise the concern and highlight the consequences


Personal development & growth

Managers are informed of success as well as progress, thus keeping track of each person in the team, allowing for plans to be out in place where needed.

Building a  portfolio of achievements

Without any extra effort, as goals are met, work completed, recognition given, etc. a digital portfolio of evidence is built to reliably demonstrate repeat success in the workplace.


As a standard feature, all users have access to the delegation and work prioritisation module.

Bank EFT's

 While our rewards voucher catalogue is comprehensive, rewards can be paid in "cash" via cellphone payments or EFT.

Chat Help

All users have direct access to our Help Desk via the online chat feature to assist with any query

Achievement Portfolio

While using the Tools a permanent record off achievements are seamlessly gathered for review, reflection and performance appraisals.

087 235 1770

Helpline Consultants are available during business hours while after hours messages are resolved the next business day.

Service Feedback

All users are supported via an audit trail email if they so require.


While it may not always be activated, all user have their Individual digital wallet enabled when registering.

087 235 1770

Helpline Consultants are available during business hours while after hours messages are resolved the next business day.

Maintaining a focus on the business

Managers now can effortlessly align work and performance with a constant focus on strategy, objectives, values, ethics through positive reinforcement steps. “Out of mind, out of sight

Achieve more with more

There are further Proper-fit processes to integrate with these Manager Tools. More to Explore...


The Manager Tools can be deployed in many ways to fit what you have, fit what you need or fit your change and transformation.

The tools and techniques constantly connect to these essential themes to tirelessly drive towards repeat success.

FRANKLY, it is

about FOCUS

Repeat success aspirations are elegantly boosted by our innovative objective, goal and action-focused approach, including the next step considerations.



Repeat success endeavours are vastly improved if processes are streamlined considering the contribution of managers and staff



Repeat success dreams can only be fulfilled giving attention to the role of individuals in the strive for profits and better processes.



It goes without saying that regular discussions lead to even better performance, and with our robust approach, meaningful discussions are dynamically facilitated, taking care of talking points. More to Explore...



To remain successful the next step is as important as the previous one. Longer term goals can only be achieved by taking the next step forward.



In essence, all our solutions constantly drive the direction setting of your shared VALUES, PURPOSE, ETHOS, STRATEGY, PERSONAL GROWTH & RESULTS. Done and Dusted.



So often solutions and tools are developed ignoring the role of leaders and middle managers.  Our practical leadership impacts are effective and help with decision-making