Get real strategic results with our innovative technology. Make your incentive and recognition campaigns come alive.

These technology and techniques broadens participation, whatever the incentive or recognition campaign.

Techniques to keep everyone involved

The *sparkfolios technology allows you to design and execute your incentive schemes, sales competitions or recognition programmes in such a way to keep every participant involved throughout the duration of the campaign.


Not just the winners

Programmes designs normally does not have the budget or the technology to allow more achievers in the programme. Most of the time the cost spent of the campaign is only for a select few, thus not resulting in a good ROI.

Sales Competitions

An effective way to energise your sales teams nationwide or in one location.

Employee Recognition

Improving staff morale and performance drives with well executed campaigns.  

Bonus Programmes

Making sure focus is kept on the drivers of the bonus payments.

Team Tournaments

Not just for individuals, also for groups and teams.

Managing Awareness

Keeping participant aware of programme objectives and rewards.

Making it personal

Making each and every announcements personal to keep everyone involved.


Crafting smart next steps

Smart calculations to make sure everyone knows what to do next.


Networking Success

Seamlessly sharing successes throughout the organisation.

Link with Rewards

Linking your incentive scheme with the fast payment system reduces administration and makes rewarding achievers more effective. Each payment comes with a full achievement storyline.


Link with Process

Sometimes all that is needed to improve engagement is to have your incentive scheme supported with an automated process to improve ease of use. Processes should also include prompts and reminders

Link with Managers

Managers with teams have a huge impact on how any organisation performs, being the link between executives and staff, so best practice requires them also to take part and support their efforts.


Talk about progress and success

“Success breeds success”. The systems enables automated or managerial sharing of achievements and endorsing of progress and success throughout the organisation.

FRANKLY, it is

about FOCUS

Repeat success aspirations are elegantly boosted by our innovative objective, goal and action-focused approach, including the next step considerations.



Repeat success endeavours are vastly improved if processes are streamlined considering the contribution of managers and staff



Repeat success dreams can only be fulfilled giving attention to the role of individuals in the strive for profits and better processes.



It goes without saying that regular discussions lead to even better performance, and with our robust approach, meaningful discussions are dynamically facilitated, taking care of talking points. More to Explore...



To remain successful the next step is as important as the previous one. Longer term goals can only be achieved by taking the next step forward.



In essence, all our solutions constantly drive the direction setting of your shared VALUES, PURPOSE, ETHOS, STRATEGY, PERSONAL GROWTH & RESULTS. Done and Dusted.



So often solutions and tools are developed ignoring the role of leaders and middle managers.  Our practical leadership impacts are effective and help with decision-making