Modern Solutions


All device Access

  • World Wide Secure web access:
  • South African mobile phones: *120*4010#

Achievements Recordkeeping and Coaching

  • All individual achievements published
  • Linking to organisation performance strategy
  • Linking to organisation values
  • Comments and endorsements of achievements
  • Self-Reflection on achievements
  • Goal setting based on completed achievement

Achievement Recognition Includes

  • Awards
  • Digital Rewards via *Wallet and *Store
  • Status and Perks
  • Personal Bests
  • Mentions

Goal Setting

  • Long term Goal
  • Next Goal

Foundation Performance Opportunities

  • *Wallet & *Store
  • My Sparks
  • Thank You
  • Randshakes
  • Team Connection and Insights
  • Full dynamic organisation hierarchy
  • Access to every team member by manager

Comprehensive Communication and Conversation

  • In site messaging
  • Email or sms of prompts
  • Email or sms of achievements
  • Weekly email digest to manager of team member achievements