Our approach
We believe that a solution that encompasses our five pillars (goals, tasks, results, recognising success, and managing failure) as well as maintaining communication throughout this process, will help your business achieve the greatest success.  But luckily for you we place such an emphasis on results that most of our performance based modules have this built in, so it’s more of a question of what can we deliver results on for you?

Names for ‘result’
One manager’s result is another manager’s measure.  At *sparkfolios we use the term ‘result’ to refer to the findings and feedback from a particular project, but we understand that your business might prefer the term outcome, objective, mark, etc.  Our client-centered approach means that we will tailor our products to suit your needs and your terminology!

Why are results important?
This question might seem like it has an obvious answer, but often we set ourselves goals or tasks and then forget about them.  Or, we work on our tasks and get to an end point but are uncertain if they are complete or how successful they were.  Receiving feedback in the form of results along the way allows you the change course when necessary.  And results following the completion of a task or goal enables you to evaluate its success or failure.  This has a number of advantages.  It motivates you to continue working towards the larger goal.  It gives you measurable data regarding the success of your business.  It provides you with information about processes that work or don’t work which will inform future decisions.  And it enables you to terminate unsuccessful or underperforming projects, or even employees, that may otherwise have remained hidden.

Objectively measured results
Feedback is, therefore, important, but the results cannot be vague, ambiguous, or worse biassed.  In order to succeed, your business needs objectively measured results seated in evidence based data.  This will enable you to know exactly whether or not the tasks were completed correctly and the desired results achieved, which will give you greater control over your business and its employees.

Publishing your results
Sharing your goals and tasks with your company allows for everyone to know your objectives and to collectively work towards achieving them.  It creates a sense of cohesion and motivation.  If you stop this process here by keeping the results to yourself, you run the risk of your employees losing interest or feeling undervalued.  Publishing your results will strengthen camaraderie and heighten motivation and keep everyone informed of both your progress as well as the direction in which the business is headed.

How we can help…
*sparkfolios manages this whole process for you.  Our consulting team analyse your data, be it goal or task related, or relating to a specific project or competition you have run.  We will then create a report and publish this on the *sparkfolios platform.  Our software takes it from there and publishes the results to only the individuals you choose the results to reach.  It can share with individuals, teams, managers and can send different types of data to different levels of employees.

Using our holistic approach, we can then take your business that one step further and assist you in recognising and rewarding those who succeeded, be it departments, teams or individuals.  Or, if the outcome of the result was less positive than you had hoped for, our results will inform you of where the weaknesses lie and our software will assist you in managing what happens next.