We understand that you or your business may face obstacles to implementing a performance program.  We are all about removing obstacles, so here are some we’ve come across in the past and how we can make them obsolete.  Of course, you may experience a unique obstacle, so contact us to see how we can help you to overcome it.

We don’t have the budget

Apart from being more reasonably priced than many of our competitors, *sparkfolios doesn’t require a long term financial commitment from you.  You can pay monthly, or qualify for a discount with an upfront payment.  You can also add and remove modules so that you pay only for exactly what you want.  Ultimately the platform will pay for itself when managers buy in and use it, as *sparkfolios is about unleashing and recognising changes in behaviour – changes that turn into profit.

It takes too much time

*sparkfolios is about saving you time.  Our solution is online which means that vouchers do not need to be purchased in person, lists of nominations do not need to be collected or distributed.  We efficiently publish results in bulk where personalised data gets sent straight to each individual with the touch of one button.  Our software keeps constant track of past performance and achievement and sends reminder e-mails to keep staff motivated and keep you informed, without you having to lift a finger.  On top of all that, we will design and implement a product tailor-made to suit your needs and train your staff on how to use it – you can sit back and watch it do all the work while you get on with more important things.

My staff don’t need it

Do your sales staff meet their deadlines every month and keep track of all their new leads in one central place?  Did you know that happy employees are more creative, solve problems better, and are more effective which leads to greater customer satisfaction and increased profits?  Still think you don’t need us?  Read about how our leads management module can assist sales people to keep track of their clients, and how recognition can lead to success <link to article in library>.

We already have other software

Is it online?  Ours is, which means you have real-time access, anywhere in the world, to all the performance and achievement data you require.  Is it uniquely suited for your business?  Our is, so you don’t need to change terminology or currency that is not suited to the South African environment, or waste time sifting through functionality that is not required for your business – you get exactly what you need to achieve your goals.  Is it local?  Ours is, which means no exchange rates and help by people who speak your language, literally.  Does it recognise people and drive performance and behaviour?  Ours does, so you get real returns on the investment you make.

It adds zero value

With all the positive outcomes associated with managing people in ways that motivate them to achieve, and with recognising and rewarding success and having the ability to reduce failure and manage it when it does happen, *sparkfolios can only offer you added value.  But, if you’re not quite convinced, why not pilot our platform in a division within your business to see how it works and what we can offer you?