Got things you'd like to achieve?

While problems are not all the same, and circumstances differ, there are a few themes we particularly excel in resolving.  Contact us, and we’d be happy to discuss conceptual options before we discover, design and deliver final solutions.

Can your problem be solved with modern tools?

During the last decade, we have built a toolset which elegantly solves many issues, at a very affordable price. We have already done the work, but you may need to adapt some of them for your situation.

I am looking for tried & tested ways to motivate my staff to perform better

As you know, we live in a world with diverse people and the solution to this problem is not simple nor obvious. We have meaningful ways to engage with staff to remaining involved with the issues at hand.

We need to save time and money.

 *sparkfolios dramatically reduces your admin.  Not only will we take care of all the legwork of running your performance and/or recognition program (thereby not adding to your to-do list), but we have goal tracking, task management and communication tools that will reduce your current admin!  All *sparkfolios performance data is also in one place, saving you time and making your life a little easier.

Why can’t my managers get the best results from their teams

Often the cause is simply that the team leaders want things to be done their way, ignoring the difference in people’s motivation drivers. Let us support you in your drive to make sure your managers are supported to get the best out of their teams.

We need to increase our revenue

We publish and maintain your goals to keep all staff on track, working towards achieving your aims and reducing redundancy. Through our recognition programs, your employees will be happier, and thus more creative and efficient at collaborating which leads to increased profits.

We need to improve our Customer Service

You’ll get to use our years of experience in the world of recognition to increase employee satisfaction which has a direct impact on customer service and the experience of your customers.

We really need to improve productivity

*sparkfolios keeps on top of performance, tracking tasks and allowing you to recognise and reward success but also informing you of how to proceed should failure occur.