Processes deliver efficient success. Transform your business with robust business processes...


Flexible process blueprints

All the streamlined blueprints have best practices engineered into the designs.  Ready to configure, amend and implement to best-fit your special success requirements. 


Best-Fit paperless environment

The blueprints can be used in many ways to implement various processes. Listed below are some best-fitting solutions. Connect people and integrate business data into your operations.

*Popular* Leads Activity Management 

This range enable tracking of sales stages, measuring conversion rates, controlling handovers between people during the process etc. Leads can be from multiple sources, automated or manual, single or bulk.

Help Desk Support Systems

This range enables any internal support process to be managed in a familiar environment, with all stakeholders informed of progress as queries and issued are resolved or escalated.

*NEW* Assessments and Tests

This blueprint range allows you to set up standard or unique test for accreditation or manage work and skills assessment tests etc.

Staff Surveys

Often you need staff to provide feedback on innovation, work issues, process management, perceptions or simply for data collection. Our survey toolset improves participation and feedback quality.

Implement your own processes

Our modules enable you to set up any process for different roleplayers, different stages, logging of events, attach documents and prompt users for actions.

Automated payments

Sometimes a validated event, e.g. sales can lead to a payment event. It is possible to link processes results with our prompt payment system so that the achievers are paid quickly after their success.

Debt Collection Activities

Manage the debt collection process and track progress on successfully converting debt into cash.

*NEW* Business problem resolution

Grant everyone access to this tool to report business concerns so they can surface rapidly to prevent problems. Fixing could include better training or process improvements

Poor performance management

This range allows you to comply to Labour legislation while an improvement process is followed.


Online voting

There are multiple way to involve staff or enable managers with the selection of alternatives, either best performers, product choices, marketing alternatives etc.

Accreditation Records

This module allows authorised administrators to manage accreditation certification from multiple sources and styles.

Professional Practice & Assignments

Manage your clients, assignment, workflow and approvals. Suitable when your business need to record work progress and plan the next activity.

Game Play & Work Gamification

Some of the modules can be configured to score points, earn badges, record achievement milestones, ranking achievements, etc.

Recruitment System

This workflow module allows for the processing and recordkeeping of job applications. Suitable when your business is going through a big recruitment drive. 

Planning and Forecasting

This range can be used to collect data from all users on specific targets including expenses, unit of sales, customer acquisitions etc. so that the forecasted numbers are more data driven and reliable.

Sparkfolios provides us with the right tools to help us drive activity in our business. The tools are easy to use, always on, and provide us with real-time reporting so that we can track sales staff activities and take swift decisions using real data.

Geoff Stone

Head of Paraplanning, Old Mutual Direct Financial Advice

Quality Assurance

Use the workflows to record and track each step of the quality assurance process in order to keep a proper and compliant record. Make sure only approved work proceeds.

Innovation as a process

This range allows you to collect all the innovative new ideas and pro-actively manage the profitable harvesting of the ideas from everyone in the business

Employee recognition and nomination

Often the solution to make sure for broader staff recognition to actually happen, is to make it a process.


Comprehensive Leadership Toolkit

Get the most out of your people while also celebrating their successes with modern tools, leading your teams towards repeat success while saving you time, money and effort. Recognition, goal achievement, instant rewards, nominations, work priorities, networking are just some of the basic functions we offer. More to Explore…

Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Not only do we have versatile tools but you can work with our team of professionals for consulting, advisory and administration services. With our experience across industries and with solving structural problems we have practical solutions you may find appropriate. New innovative designs or disciplined execution? Speak to us. More to Explore…

Hearts and Minds

As a manager, you know that even the best-laid plans quickly can go south if you do not have your team fully involved in chasing your targets and goals. Our approach seamlessly integrates work priorities with your motivational and inspirational leadership activities. More to Explore…

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Online tools to manage KPI, KRA, BSC, WiGS, etc.

To-Do-List, Leads, Shared task, RACI etc

Points earned by making targets, completing work, showing company values

Need to announce rewards, pay rewards, motivate for Rewards? Look no further

Ideally suited for Sales Competitions, Short Term Incentives, Share Schemes etc

Record and communicate unhappiness about poor work, missing standards, not following procedure, etc

Allowing your performers to be independent, and promoting the success perception conversation.

Ignite the power of recognition, for individuals, teams, groups, peers and colleagues


Need performers to be nominated, but hate the administration - we have what you need.


Need to score and rate work, keep a record and inform others? - look no further