Recognition Modules

Research shows that happy and engaged employees are more productive.  We are more effective in what we do, we are more creative and we’re better collaborators.  This means less waste of time, less redundancy, and more progress. Leading research and any number of psychological theories of behaviour point to recognition as the most effective way of improving employee engagement, increasing satisfaction and decreasing staff turnover.

Peer Recognition

Recognise someone for a job well done.  With this module you are able to give recognition to anyone in the company, be it an employee, your manager, your colleague, or the CEO.  You need to assign a business goal as a category for your thank you, so that all recognition is aligned with business strategy and people understand exactly what they are being recognised for.  You can even request a thank you if you feel you’ve done something worth recognising.  Managers love this as it takes away admin and employees love it as they feel empowered and in charge of their own success.

Self Recognition

It is sometimes easy to forget the milestones we reach during our professional lives.  *sparkfolios allows you to record your personal achievements and document them for future reference, so you’ll never forget.  Your manager will also about your achievements when they receive their Team Triumph email on a Monday.

Recognition with Points

If your organisation prefers not to use a monetary value for rewards, *sparkfolios allows the recognition of employees using a points system.  You are able to decide who can award points, and we will load only those individual’s profiles with points that may be awarded to others.

Client Feedback

Record client feedback received by yourself in the self recognition module.  If a manager is made aware of the feedback first, he/she can send either recognition/reward for positive feedback, or an ‘Unhappy’ for negative feedback.


Nominate colleagues for exceptional achievements against a set of criteria, determined by you or your company.  Examples may include manager/employee of the month, or, for a bit of fun, joker of the month, or someone who made your day.

Merit Lists

Running a competition or wanting to see how your staff are performing on a regular basis?  This tool will publish the top performers over a specific period of time, based on the results from your company, and will display changes in their rankings.  It’s a great tool to encourage some healthy competition between teams.  For the final results, we offer the ‘Wall of Fame’ communication tool, which publishes winners and/or top performers for a specific period of time.

Trophies, Prizes and Awards

*sparkfolios can publish any exceptional achievement where you received accolades internally or outside of your business, such as educational qualifications, sports achievements, etc.


Being accredited with something is not something you would want to forget.  We record all of your accreditations, so that you have them on record.

Achieving Standards

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