Select what you need the most

Why pay more and get less? Configure your setup from the Universal Essentials or add more from the Tailored Tools.

Online tools to manage KPI, KRA, BSC, WiGS, etc.

To-Do-List, Leads, Shared task, RACI etc

Points earned by making targets, completing work, showing company values

Need to announce rewards, pay rewards, motivate for Rewards? Look no further

Ideally suited for Sales Competitions, Short Term Incentives, Share Schemes etc

Record and communicate unhappiness about poor work, missing standards, not following procedure, etc

Allowing your performers to be independent, and promoting the success perception conversation.

Ignite the power of recognition, for individuals, teams, groups, peers and colleagues


Need performers to be nominated, but hate the administration - we have what you need.


Need to score and rate work, keep a record and inform others? - look no further

Fees are payable per license

If one user uses one UNIVERSAL ESSENTIAL module this equals to one license. If the same user has 3 modules enabled then payment is needed for 3 licenses. It means 50 users with 2 modules each will thus equal 100 licenses. Universal Essentials can be deployed more than once, say different version for different departments, but each deployment equals to one license.

Unlock unrestricted access

Once the average module per user exceeds 5 (five) then all the UNIVERSAL ESSENTIAL modules become available to all users in the organisation, at no extra cost. There are then no limit to the number of module or tool deployments. There may still be a nominal once-off configuration and setup charge for each new module deployed.

Services always included

No matter which modules you choose or whatever combination you put together you always get the following. A full-service making repeat success a reality.


As a standard feature, all users have access to the delegation and work prioritisation module.

Bank EFT's

 While our rewards voucher catalogue is comprehensive, rewards can be paid in "cash" via cellphone payments or EFT.

Chat Help

All users have direct access to our Help Desk via the online chat feature to assist with any query

Achievement Portfolio

While using the Tools a permanent record off achievements are seamlessly gathered for review, reflection and performance appraisals.

087 235 1770

Helpline Consultants are available during business hours while after hours messages are resolved the next business day.

Service Feedback

All users are supported via an audit trail email if they so require.


While it may not always be activated, all user have their Individual digital wallet enabled when registering.

087 235 1770

Helpline Consultants are available during business hours while after hours messages are resolved the next business day.

NO setup charges for the 1st FIVE modules

In principle there are no setup, deployment or configuration charges for any of the UNIVERSAL ESSENTIAL modules. There may be rare circumstance where this principle can be overridden, such as badge design, re-work etc. Two components are charge over and above the key fee: fees for training and setups of modules 6 and above are separately negotiated.


While every endevour will be made to charge subscription fees based on the licenses basis, unique circumstance may prevent this from being applicable. Factors influencing this decision includes data storage, hosting and support requirements. Each Tailored Tool incurs a once-off deployment charge.

Subscription Fees (excl. VAT)

(With effect from 13 March 2018, replacing the previous user subscription basis)

Tip #1: Save 20% when paying for 3 years, with no escalations

Tip #2: Save 12.5% when paying for 1 year

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