Features of the Goal Tracker series.

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Manager time is efficiently used and focused

  1. View the whole team or just selected team members
  2. Stay updated with individual progress through the LEADING PEOPLE announcement integration
  3. Natural agenda for frequent performance check-in

The required focus is practically kept on

  1. behaviour change with STOP, START and CONTINUE aspects
  2. each individual performance
  3. the overall team performance
  4. strategic drives and tactical response
  5. action steps to achieve goals
  6. recognising achievers


People cannot be managed successfully without conversations, whether online or in-person.

  1. Since Goal Tracker has 3 levels, the level of detail for each discussion is facilitated
  2. Inclusion of success in the weekly LEADER of PEOPLE update, there is no need to find success, the system informs management
  3. Where new actions need to be taken to reach goals the posting to *priorities changes the discussion to ACTIONS vs GOALS

Popular setups, configurations & Programme implementations.

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