Achieve Goals

Call centre staff not meeting standards.

During 2018 our client needed to increase their focus on achieving multiple call centre standards. Even with lucrative monetary offerings staff simply did not engage with the business goals. Wouldn’t it been satisfying if offering more rewards would immediately inspire and motivate staff?


Value Growth


Participation Growth

Average Payment

Recognition pay is the answer, but how?

The value of the incentives were lucrative enough, yet meeting standards lagged behind. It would be great if the compensation plan energised people to meet the quality and quantity standards, wouldn’t you agree?

More results, not increased costs!

We were engaged to solve the problem. Offering even bigger rewards would not be financially feasible. We solved the problem by combining a technology solution matching human psychology to make a business difference. 

Positive behaviour and mood shifts.

Within 3 months change started picking up, within 6 months significant change took over. Positive change carried through all the quarters without slowing down. The number of staff qualifying for bonuses has almost doubled. 


    Repeat success in action…

    No change in the standards, the business requirements or bonus values were made. What we did was to change the (1) pay frequency (2) payment method and lastly the (3) success recognition. The results speak for themselves, doesn’t it?

    Let's Succeed Together!

    Wouldn’t you like to work with people who have both the human behaviour shift expertise and enabling workplace technology?