Hearts & Minds

Whatever you try, it will not lead to repeat success unless hearts and minds are committed. And communication is the glue binding everybody’s hearts and minds together, keeping everyone on the same page, working towards the same goals, your goals.  Without frequent performance talk, your company will be merely be a sea of islands, each working on their own independence.  The *sparkfolios platform has a number of features that communicate historic information, real-time information, results, achievements, recognition and more.  These are built in to our platform and support all of our modules, so communication is not a separate module, but we do have some innovative features that supplement specific modules, as well as tools that assist you in general.

General *sparkfolios communication features

Team Triumph Manager Digest

On a Monday, this useful tool will show you all the achievements of your whole team from the past week.  It’s a great way for a manager to keep on top of what is happening, particularly when he/she manages many people.  Because a manager will be informed of peer to peer recognition and team results, it also enables him/her to give additional recognition to his/her employees.

Personal Achievement Portfolio

All your achievements, generated from a variety of different recognition and rating modules, competitions, nominations and more, all on one page.  You can view all of these achievements, or filter by a specific module to view specific achievements.  We keep these on record, so you can refer back to your success over the past year (a great tool for performance reviews), and even further back to measure your growth throughout your time with the company.

7 Day Summary Quick View

Managers have the opportunity to see all of their team’s achievements for the past 7 days, by simply clicking on the ‘Team 7 Day Summary’ button.  This is an excellent tool for a manager to keep up to date on what is happening in their team, without having to wait for their Team Triumph Manager Digest, which is emailed to them on a Monday.

Action Prompts via email

*sparkfolios believes in push communication.  Everyone’s busy and we sometimes don’t have time to log in to see what’s waiting for us today.  We will send you an email to alert you, first thing in the morning, to an action that is waiting for you – be it confirming a reward, or a to-do list reminder of what items are due today.  So don’t worry that you might miss something important, we’ve got you covered!

Leadership Stats and Information

It is always important to give management a view of their team’s overall performance.  As we publish the individual results for a specific module, we also send the manager of those individuals a summary of the overall stats of that module, enabling them to easily see how their team is performing without having to view each employee’s portfolio.


Specfic Configurations

Wall of Fame

This is a great feature that can be linked to any nominations or competition module.  It displays past and current and winners, milestones, special awards or anything you deem important in your company.  It’s a great place to publish and celebrate success and it’s visible to whole organisation, enabling the recognition and the motivation to be shared throughout your organisation.

Merit Lists

Running a competition or wanting to see how your staff are performing on a regular basis?  This tool will publish the top performers over a specific period of time, based on the results from your company, and will display changes in their rankings.  It’s a great tool to encourage some healthy competition between teams.  For the final results, we offer the ‘Wall of Fame’ communication tool, which publishes winners and/or top performers for a specific period of time.