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Why use us? Simply put, our Tools, while modern, are time tested and since we have been doing this for a long time, know what we are doing.

While our solutions can be used as standalone advice or modules, our unique booster benefits add significant value without paying anything extra.

The software is not sold off the shelf, you gain passionate partners, both in the consultancy and the support helpdesk.

Why only pay for a limited solution when you get can a full solution, covering all the bases? Get yourself a pool of tokens and set up the modules you require for a complete solution.

Online tools to manage KPI, KRA, BSC, WiGS, etc.

To-Do-List, Leads, Shared task, RACI etc

Points earned by making targets, completing work, showing company values

Need to announce rewards, pay rewards, motivate for Rewards? Look no further

Ideally suited for Sales Competitions, Short Term Incentives, Share Schemes etc

Record and communicate unhappiness about poor work, missing standards, not following procedure, etc

Allowing your performers to be independent, and promoting the success perception conversation.

Ignite the power of recognition, for individuals, teams, groups, peers and colleagues


Need performers to be nominated, but hate the administration - we have what you need.


Need to score and rate work, keep a record and inform others? - look no further