We practice good corporate governance for the benefit of our shareholders, our clients, our staff and the world in general.

Protection of Personal Information

Information on the *sparkfolios platform is only accessible by each and every individual based on the access levels. All data and information are entirely encrypted. Our computer servers are in the European Region, meaning their strict privacy laws apply

Formally Legal

We are incorporated in various countries and like all good corporate citizens adhere to the local legislative requirements including paying various taxes and keeping up work based requirements.

Business Continuity

Our servers are tested 24 hours a day for any weakness to prevent any loophole for hackers. Frequently we have our system independently checked by an external information security company. We have multiple immediate disaster plans in place.

Terms & Conditions

We have a contractual template on which we base our scope, service levels and fee arrangements. The agreement is negotiated to suit our client’s particular circumstances and requirements.