Success deserves rewards – ignite results and performance with the complete rapid payment system.


Comprehensive All-in-One System

The *sparkfolios reward pay and fulfilment system can be best-fit for multiple alternative methods of payment sources and multiple methods of cashing out vested rewards.


No more reward disappointments

No more hassles with cash or vouchers. No more dissatisfaction with mismatch reward preferences. No more delay in receiving rewards. No more manual tax administration. No more delays in cashing out.

Many Best-Fit Options to match your needs

Organisations do not reward their people in exactly the same way. Listed below are some of the various ways your payment system can be set up to adapt to your culture and requirements. In short – we have what you need to succeed.


Immediate rewards

Rewards can be given and paid in real time, so it is immediately available to use.

Paid by managers, peers or rules

Rewards can be authorised according to the business rules you set up

Endorse or request rewards

Rewards can be requested by achievers or endorsed by colleagues reducing the admin burden on managers.

Admin of Bulk Payments

An easy way to reward large number of recipients with variable amounts. Or just a small team.

Preferred Amounts

Your incentives can either be for fixed or variable amounts. Or fixed in one programme and variable in another.

Performance Portfolio

All the performance payments are recorded in the Performance Portfolio for later use e.g. performance appraisals or promotion.

Everyone or just some must be rewarded

The system can be configured so that every employee or just select people take part in a specific programme.

Multiple Cash outs

 Each recipient chooses how they spend their money, either as EFT into bank accounts, into cellphone Wallets or selecting vouchers.

Individuals or groups 

Rewards can be paid to a single person or multiple beneficiaries.

Build up of Funds

Rewards do not have to taken immediately. Accumulation is via the wallet.

Share the news with others

Either by default or by choice the reward payment and performance story can be shared with others.

Save with vendor discounts

 Terms and conditions apply, but there are many famous brands for which discounts are offered.

In conjunction with leaderboards 

 Merit Lists can implemented thus leading to competition to earn rewards.

Achievement Storyline

A record of performance recognition accompanies each and every payment.

Multiple Programmes

Multiple incentive programmes can be managed separately. Yet the payments are funneled into one wallet.

The greatest tool for rewards and recognition.

Joanie Kreft

Brand Practitioner, Capricorn Group

Multiple Currencies

The system works for all currencies

Linking with Business Drivers

NO payment can be made without linking to STRATEGY, VALUES, OBJECTIVES, PURPOSE, or MISSION.

Fast Fulfilment

Reward cash-outs are mostly done on a same day basis.

Mobile Money

Funds can be transferred into cellphones as mobile money

Points not Money

Instead of money, points or credits can be used. Create your own currency!

Comment on achievements

 Everyone can comment on shared achievements. Managers can comment on private achievements in their team. 

Replacing birthday or 13th cheque bonus

Some clients have changed their bonus payments and use the Success Rewards for more frequent payments for actual realtime performance contributions.