Best fit the situation

Since problems and challenges are not all the same and circumstances differ the solution should best fit the circumstances. Not all ready made offerings get to the core of the problem, some adjustment is mostly needed. During the last decade, we have built a toolset which elegantly solves many issues, at a very affordable price. We have already done the work, but you may need to adapt some of them for your situation.

Best fit the people

While best practices work, and are proven to work well repeatedly so, they do not work for everyone. Often management styles and work processes have to have more than one entry point for people to really get engaged and involved. Our designs considers people and make sure it fits more people for success and not less.

I am looking for tried & tested ways to motivate my staff to perform better or just get the work done.

We live in a world with diverse people and the solution to this problem is not simple nor obvious. Our modules have meaningful ways to engage with staff and create focus.

Achieve more with MORE, not less…

 The claim that we should do more with less does not always produce the desire results. So the *sparkfolios way is to offer more and not less tools, but with less hassle, less time wasting, less frustration.

Why can’t my managers get the best results from their teams

Often the cause is simply that the team leaders want things to be done their way, ignoring the difference in people’s motivation drivers. Let us support you in your drive to make sure your managers are supported to bring out the best from their teams.