Reward Modules

It remains true that money also make the world go round, it is not just recognition and praise. You can choose from a number of modules and mix and match. Some modules result in actual payouts and other simple keep track of the amounts to be paid via you payroll system.

Cellphone Payments

We can pay all the rewards you have received into your RSA cellphone number, via FNB eWallet, so there’s no need for a bank account.

Direct Deposits

We can pay all the rewards you have received into the bank account of your choice.

Rewards Catalogue

We have an extensive catalogue with over 3 million items from which to choose.  We have even negotiated discounts with some vendors which we give back to you, the user.

Instant Rewards

This module allows you to give monetary based recognition.  As long as you have money assigned to you, you are able to give a reward to a fellow colleague, an employee, a manager, or the CEO.  As the recipient of a randshake, you have lots of options open to you as to how to redeem your reward.  You can opt to receive cash into your bank account, you can purchase airtime, or there are many other options from restaurants to shopping vouchers to online cooking courses!  You can even use your reward to give back to the community and make a donation to one of our worthy recipients.

Performance Bonus Updates

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Points Accumulators

You are able to accumulate your points over a period of time, which you can later use to redeem vouchers and other items from our online store.  There is no expiry date or limit to how long you can store your points.  We will keep them safe until you are ready to use them.