Our approach
We believe that a solution that encompasses our five pillars (goals, tasks, results, recognising and/or rewarding success, and managing failure) as well as maintaining communication throughout this process, will give you the best tools to make a success of your business and we will partner with you every step of the way, giving you access to the full spectrum of human incentives all on one accessible online platform.  However, you may feel that your business would benefit from some assistance only with recognising and/or rewarding your employees.

Names for ‘success’
One person’s success is another person’s achievement.  At *sparkfolios we use the term ‘success’ to refer to a positive outcome following an examination of the results of a project, task or goal, but we understand that your business might prefer the term progress, victory etc.  The terms referring to how one celebrates that success also differ and while we use words like ‘recognition’ and ‘reward’ we recognise that you might prefer something different.  Our client-centered approach means that we will tailor our products to suit your needs and your terminology!

Why recognise or reward success?
Research shows that happy and engaged employees are more productive <link to resource>.  We are more effective in what we do, we are more creative and we’re better collaborators.  This means less waste of time, less redundancy, and more progress.  But how does one make one’s employees happy?  Leading research and any number of psychological theories of behaviour point to recognition as the most effective way of improving employee engagement, increasing satisfaction and decreasing staff turnover <link to resources for more info>.  

How to recognise and reward
Tying into our pillar approach, recognition is most effective when it’s given following measurable results.  This shows the individual exactly what they are being rewarded for, which increases the chances of that behaviour being repeated.  It’s also important to recognise a person straight away.  Delaying recognition can actually have a negative effect as it places too much emphasis on the end goal and ignores progress which is ultimately how you’ll achieve your goals.

In today’s highly individualised world, one can no longer employ a single one-size-fits-all approach to people.  People are diverse and require different recognition strategies.  Public praise might motivate Joe, but Peter might appreciate that R100 more. People also expect to have diverse choice at their fingertips.  For example, you, as a manager who loves doing adventure sports on the weekend, might think a voucher for Outdoor Warehouse is just the best reward in the world, but your employee, with three kids, might prefer a Spur voucher, or vice versa!  Today’s world is also face-paced and all about instant gratification, so it’s important to be able to recognise people on-the-spot.

How we can help…
It boils down to rewarding people when they need it, with what they want and how they want it.  Our software enables you to recognise people 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world, and you are easily able to move from your latest communication about results to the recognition modules, allowing you to celebrate your employees and their achievements instantly with the touch of a button.  We also increase motivation by promoting pride among employees and enabling individuals to request recognition when they’ve done a good job.  This takes further admin away from you and creates a productive and positive environment.  

We offer a multitude of different recognition options, from monetary rewards to non-monetary recognition to modules where an individual can record their own achievements without communicating them to his/her manager.  Peer to peer recognition is possible, as is top down and bottom up.  If there’s something to celebrate, *sparkfolios makes it happen!

In terms of physical reward options, we have it all!  From cash transfers to vouchers for shops, restaurants, and more, we’ve got you covered.

But don’t forget our five pillars!  Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about recognition, but it’s important to be recognising the right behaviours and outcomes and this can easily be determined by using our goal and task trackers with objective and measurable results.