In order for your business to thrive, your employees require instruction, help with planning, they need the right tools, and they require tracking and evaluation in order to complete tasks and achieve goals.  They also require motivation and recognition as happy employees are more creative, solve problems better and are more effective, improving client satisfaction and boosting your revenue.  To make matters more complicated, in today’s fast-paced highly individualised world, one can no longer have a single approach to people.  People are diverse and require different management and recognition strategies.  As a manager, you know this, but you are also busy and often don’t have the time or the tools to manage or reward your staff.  It can also be expensive to cater for your staff in a variety of ways, or even to include recognition programmes and performance tools at all.

What’s the solution?
We understand the obstacles you face and we make it our business to know all the in’s and out’s of performance management and recognition.  As your outsourced partner, we’ve got the knowledge, the experience and the resources to unlock performance, remove obstacles to success, and to help you get the very best from your employees.  W
e have created solutions, adaptable to be in line with your business strategy, that offers the full suite of performance and recognition tools. Using real-time data, we track and publish objective and measurable performance data providing you with valuable feedback that can inform important decisions.  From there we help you to celebrate success, or manage failure if and when it happens as we believe that failure management is an integral part of ultimate success. Our solution will help you to achieve your goals, move forward and make your business a success while saving you time, money and eliminating your admin.

Who will benefit?  
We are for managers and for teams: to help to reduce admin, manage and motivate staff; we’re for the employee: to set out tasks, make things clear and recognise achievement in multiple ways to which they can relate; and we’re for the business: to improve productivity, customer service, reduce staff turnover and increase revenue.  

How do we do it?
We use five essential pillars to drive your success.  We assist in publishing your goals, tracking and managing your tasks, publishing and tracking your results, recognising success when goals have been achieved and managing failure when things don’t go as planned or employees underperform.  And we tie all of this together with the golden thread of communication, keeping your staff informed and motivated.  We will accompany you every step of the way, giving you access to real-time data, accessible at the touch of a finger, to help you to achieve repeat success…