Integrated Digital Tools

Even though each module one is a stand-alone, all the components needed for repeat success are seamlessly integrated. Each work related event in the workplace reflects both the contribution of the individual and the corporate goal. Each personal achievement reinforces the focus on work goals and the strategic direction. So for example, recognition is immediately possible for each achieved goal. The workflow effortlessly keeps the mismatch between goal achievement and recognition to a minimum. In essence, we offer four main ways to engage with the online platform as a service. Read more on attending to both work and people.

So in summary, use the Tools for Single Needs OR as a complete solution.

Universal Tools

Your subscription grants you access to a pool of tools allowing to test and tweak modules until you have the best fit for your unique circumstances. More to Explore…

Tailored Processes

We also offer more complex business process modules for productivity and efficiency gains. More to Explore…


Tailormade Solutions

Your own process tools can be development and integrated into the sparkfolios platform. We will develop the solution and blend it into the platform.


3rd Party Software

Integrate to get the benefits of business process management and people achievements