Managers magnify success - the Success Leader Toolset effortlessly lets everyone thrive.

These tools allow managers to both manage work and lead diverse teams, bringing out the best from people and getting the best work done. The toolset is best-fit for each and every organisation.

Completely equip managers for success …

You have appointed the managers, gave them their responsibilities, allocated staff, now give them the tools to be leaders of success. “Tools maketh the (man)ager

… do not leave them with less

While each one of the techniques listed here is without a doubt a proven best practice, they do not work for everyone, nor do they work all of the time. Managers need a wide range of engagement tools and techniques to succeed.

Effortlessly align with business strategy

Work and performance is completed with a continuous reminder of the mission, strategy, objectives and values “Out of mind, out of sight

Set and track goals & KPI’s

Conveniently set short-term goals for everyone in your team. Or maybe your more formal annual goals.  


Innovate and Improve 

Managers need a process where not only new ideas are collected but also which stumbling blocks need to be removed.


Success breeds success

Chat and comment? Yes, but about achievements. Managers can easily share achievements and endorse progress company wide.

I am very glad we use the comprehensive tools. Is really the only way to bring out the best from my people. As people we are diverse and I need my managers to understand the benefits of the difference, not de-motivate staff by doing just one thing.

Roy Summerton

CEO, Seriti Holdings

Freeing up leadership time

With Success Leader there are less unexpected pressing issues to deal with. Thus creating more time to think strategically, lead strategically, and make better decisions

Instantly rate work outcome

Your organisation may already have a formal process but nothing beats immediate feedback as a morale booster or rapidly addressing performance perceptions.

Real-time recognition of everyone

Most  people need regular affirmation by their managers of achievements, either as an individual or as a team


Monitor priorities with a networked to-do-list

Sometimes all that is needed is a simple recorded instruction for an important task and then the work gets done properly.  

Shape their portfolio of achievements

Without any extra effort, as goals are met, work completed, recognition given etc. a digital portfolio of evidence for everyone is constantly being built.


Record room for improvement events

When work is not on standard or improper behaviour occurs, managers can formalise the concern, put it on record and highlight the consequences.

Track personal development & growth

Managers are informed of success as well as progress, thus keeping track of each person in the team, allowing for plans to be in place.

Rapidly reward success

 When activated, your business rules could allow managers to pay immediate rewards for peak performance.

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