Task Modules

Goals are what you want to achieve.  Tasks are the stepping stones needed to get there.  They are the pieces of work that need to be done in order to achieve those goals.  Therefore, they are just as, if not more important, to define and publish to those involved.  We have task related products ready to be implemented in your company, but if you have a specific task that requires a unique programme, our development team will be happy to design one that helps you to reach your particular goals.  Here are some of our existing products:

Task Manager

This module helps you sort and manage the many items on your to-do list.  It doesn’t track them over time (for that you can use our goal tracking module with the lead indicator tool) but it keeps you organised with everything in one place, all on one list, and gives you the ability to cross an item off your list.  If you need to perform a specific task by a set date, our software will also allow you to add this in and will remind you when your deadline is drawing near.

Leads Management

This is the perfect tool for staff in a sales-type role.  It enables you to capture the details of new clients or leads and to store them all in one database along with existing clients or elads.  It then allows you to move them through phases from ‘new’, to ‘contacted’ to ‘interested’ to ‘sold’ or whatever phases are appropriate for your business.  You can pull reports tracking the progress of your leads and managers can easily keep track of the success of their sales team.

Professional Assignments

This module gives you the ability to assign specific business-related tasks to an individual.  You are able to track all tasks you have assigned, and view the progress on those specific tasks.


Struggling in a particular area?  Motivate your staff by giving them a specific challenge.  This does not have to be top-down, peer-to-peer challenges can also be assigned, encouraging competition and morale among teams.