Looking for Tools, Techniques and Tips for repeat peak performance?

You found the right people  – we have an online toolkit and provide professional services for goal setting, task completion, performance and incentive management, motivation, instant rewards and staff recognition.  Our innovative strategies and techniques work time and time again.

Evidenced based success

We are all about evidence based achievements.  How do you know if the work has been done correctly, and the desired results have been achieved?  The short answer is, “you don’t” unless the information is tangible and measurable.  We provide data that is just that, allowing for greater certainty.  We focus on the goal, create a task to reach it, publish measurable results with ratings and easily assist you with rewarding and recognising those who are achieving or managing those who did not.

In the Cloud

We offer a cloud-based platform, with all the benefits that go with it. No need for capital layout, server management, expensive software updates, fast deployment etc.

Outsourced Partner

We are a reliable and trusted outsourced partner.  We have the ideas and tools, but what good would that be if we shared them with you and you had to do all the administration?  We design, implement, train, manage, analyse and publish all of the data for you – you don’t need to lift a finger, except to sign on the dotted line of course. Try out the tools to see for yourself

In-sourced support

We have an in-sourced support centre.  Part of offering a great service to you is to be able to offer correct, effective and timeous solutions to any queries you may have.  Our support centre agents are all trained in-house and will resolve your queries within 12 hours.


Our online tools work in real-time.  You have instant global access to current and up-to-date results and recognition anywhere, anytime. In addition to daily and weekly reports you also have immediate access to past data and don’t have to sift through endless amounts of folders or e-mails to find it – it’s all in one place. As modern as it gets

Secure Information

Our clients’ anonymity, confidentiality and the security of their information is of paramount importance to us.  We go to great lengths to make sure that our software, and all of the information it contains, is secure and protected.  Ask for Fact Folio # 107 for more technical detail.

Variety of choice

We’re all about choice.  *sparkfolios offers a huge choice of rewards, from cash back to airtime to Yuppiechef vouchers!  And we guarantee that our users will receive their reward within 72 hours of placing the order.  Don’t have quite what you’re after?  No problem, we will look into offering specific rewards that appeal to you and your employees.


We provide a modular platform.  This allows you to add and remove the modules your specific situation requires. Only need incentive management? or only needing Key Performance Indicator trackers? Or need the whole flow from strategy, goals, tasks, results, recognition and rewards? It is your choice.


Consistency is key to success.  Research shows that inconsistent or sporadic acknowledgement can have detrimental effects as it places too much emphasis on the final outcome and not enough on making progress towards the goal, and we use this to our advantage.  We make use of constant prompts and reminders of deadlines, required goals, and of course recognition of achievement to keep your staff motivated, and on track.