All managers can practice repeat success... actually everybody can

The essential ingredients include focus, a longer time horizon, understanding of people and clear grasp of goals and purpose

 Repeat success is not just a single performance; it is more than that. Of course, the individual performance is vital for success; the challenge is to have frequent and regular repetition of success whatever happens. To achieve such repeat success one needs the relevant techniques and tools since it is now truer than ever – tools maketh man, or as we put it “tools maketh man(ager)”

…with people

The challenge is to know your recipe for success and find ways to extend the success to the people you lead

…with new roles

As you move through your career,  responsibilities and work requirements change.


…through time

Our approach is to find the actual success from the past and build on them for the next success.

…executing strategy

Delivery on strategy is not easy after the plans are made real-life intervenes.


…facing changing challenges

normally careers change and the only lasting practice is to have one that can repeat the success as your career changes

Never quite forgetting the impact of people and never losing sight of the work required to succeed is one of the keys any repeat success practice is built on.

Trying to be constantly in the top quadrant of achievement? Then look no further, we remove much of the work in work, fuelling the drive towards mastery in execution and delivery.

Expressed as a basic formula beautifully gets the point across. 1 + 1 is more than 2, but then you have to do both. Our approach elegantly consistently gives positive attention on both.

Repeat Success is a cycle feeding on itself. Focussing on individuals, human to human magnifies our work impact and achieving goals.

Ingrained in the *sparkfolios solution is maximising the impact of work success but reducing the time it takes to manage. The benefits of doing both at the same time i.e. being in the zone is not to be underestimated.


Comprehensive Leadership Toolkit

Get the most out of your people while also celebrating their successes with modern tools, leading your teams towards repeat success while saving you time, money and effort. Recognition, goal achievement, instant rewards, nominations, work priorities, networking are just some of the basic functions we offer.

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Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Not only do we have versatile tools but you can work with our team of professionals for consulting, advisory and administration services. With our experience across industries, structural problems we have practical solutions you may find appropriate. New innovative designs or disciplined execution? Speak to us.

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Hearts and Minds

As a manager you know that even the best laid plans quickly can go south if you do not have your team fully involved in chasing your targets and goals. Our approach seamlessly integrates work priorities with your motivational and inspirational leadership activities.

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